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Last updated: 14th March 2018

What we do to do the water, we do to each other.”

— Simon Ruth de Voil


listening & talking with water

Water day is coming up - 22nd March - Please pray with water

In the Kabbalistic teachings, water is the Light of God made manifest in the physical plane. In this context, water pollution is a worldwide phenomenon and represents both a spiritual and physical crisis. ”

Gabriel Cousens MD

For me water is the place right now where the sacred and secular meet.  It is a crisis and a incredible doorway into our becoming.  

6 months ago I participated in a water blessing with some Native American friends in New England; during the blessing the men and I stood with our backs turned to the water,  we were holding space to protect the women & the water while they sang their prayers together.  Two very intense experiences happened during that blessing.

Firstly a group of violent men in a pick-up truck yelled antisemitic abuse at us (we were conducting the blessing on the land of a Jewish girls camp) - illogical, irrelevant, violent hatred for no reason what so ever.  There are many switched off people who seem to be making everything worse!.  After the ritual the guys asked the women if they felt disturbed or harmed by the abuse (we guys felt it ricochet of us with force) but the women said they either didn't notice or it wasn't in the front of their awareness.  The bigots made me realize how important the water protectors are in this whole political/spiritual reality.

Secondly, during the prayer I felt sick to my stomach.  It wasn't the bigots I was feeling but rather the pollution we have added to the water.  It felt like swallowing an oily toxic soup, I will never forget what that felt like, just now typing this the memory of it is turning my stomach over.  After the ritual was competed I fell to my knees and dry wretched.  This experience made me know in a very deep way that this crisis is real ... it is real to me and to every other living being on this planet right now.  So what am I going to do about it?

Praying with and for water is very important to me.  I feel grateful to you all for taking the time to think about water as a spiritual presence.

If you are keen to learn how others pray with water, watch the next 3 videos or CLICK HERE to read a water blessing from the International council of thirteen indigenous Grandmothers.

A fascinating podcast with oceanographer Sylvia Earle

Click on the image above to take you to the podcast

Click on the image above to take you to the podcast

Water music

The Tao & Water

The best are like water words from master Lao Tzu

The best, like water,
Benefit all and do not compete.
They dwell in lowly spots that everyone else scorns.
Putting others before themselves,
They find themselves in the foremost place
And come very near to the Tao.
In their dwelling, they love the earth;
In their heart, they love what is deep;
In personal relationships, they love kindness;
In their words, they love truth.
In the world, they love peace.
In personal affairs, they love what is right.
In action, they love choosing the right time.
It is because they do not compete with others
That they are beyond the reproach of the world.

LEFT OVER VIDEOS FROM LAST MONTH: We are not solid, static & separate: we are WATER, a flowing boundless energy

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