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Last September I started feeling a strong urge to really get my act together in my online ministry. Without totally knowing why, I became convinced that upping my skills to share high-quality livestreams, podcasts, and other ways to connect remotely was somehow going to be really important in my ministry. Little did I know, six months ago, where we'd be today!

I'm so thankful for that head start in learning this new language. It's allowed me to create heartfelt and meaningful online worship and prayer experiences for all of us just as we really need them. I'm quite sad to be leaving those of you in the Port Townsend-Chimacum-Poulsbo area that I've shared the last few years of work, worship, and music with; it's hard to leave this loving, open-minded, and creative community. But I'm also excited to continue sharing my work online! So many of us have come together online in the last few months, and it's truly been beautiful to feel how we can connect, even remotely.

And the reality is that I'm going to need some new tools in order to keep going with this online ministry project. My only computer is a 2012 laptop that is already struggling to keep up (more on that below!) and if I want to keep growing my offerings, I'm going to need to upgrade. Many of you have offered to contribute toward a leaving gift for me, and I'm very grateful and humbled by your ongoing generosity. If you'd like to contribute toward a leaving gift that will make a difference in what I'm able to share—and allow you to keep connecting with even more of my work!—I invite you to consider adding your resources toward this fundraiser.


Request for a new computer

The one tool I absolutely completely rely on for my work these days is not my guitar—it's my computer. You might have noticed that I use several different livestream platforms, rather than Zoom; using these kinda-complicated platforms means I can offer much higher quality sound for music, chanting, and prayer, and many of you have said that makes a huge difference in the quality of your experience.

Sadly, my $300 used 2012 MacBook Pro is now on its last legs, and it's just not up to snuff with what I'm doing these days. Every time I start a new livestream, I wonder if the computer will make it through to the end of the broadcast, and I can hear it madly whirring away as it gets hot enough to fry an egg. 

So, I'm turning back to you, my beloved community, as I'm trying to raise $3000 toward a new laptop by June 21. [For those of you who are interested in the details, I'm aiming for a 16" 2020 MacBook Pro.] I've always used older, secondhand computers before now, and I'd really prefer not to buy a new one—but I've done quite a bit of research, and in order to manage the level of high quality video, livestreaming, and editing I'm doing now, this machine is really what I need.

If I'm successful in my fundraising, I'll be able to start out fresh in Vermont this July with a fully functional work station. That means I'll be able to easily livestream concerts featuring remote musical guests (more concerts with other musicians you love!), edit and produce much higher quality video content (more streamed and recorded services!)—and edit and produce my new album (that's right, a new album!) It also means I'll spend WAY less time waiting for my computer to upload, download, restart, and stop crashing...which is more time I can spend doing the work that you value and support.

Thanks to all of you for supporting me, in so many ways!


Total raised so far after fees


(by 41 people)

June 5th 8pm

Thank you so so much.

You did it for me.  Thank you so so much.

I'm delighted and humbled and astonished.

Gifted by:  

Melissa Banks, Susan Levitt, Alexa Sunshine Rose, (Susan & Cindy Brittain), Helma Gumpp, Aimée Ringle, Christine Valters Paintner, Roseanna Almaee, Anonymous1, Mia Lee, Rhonda Hull, Bob Simmons, (Sharon & Robert), Cynthia Bratz, (John & Juanice), (David & Teresa Goldsmith) and (JennaSea, John & Jessa), Diane DiPrete, Gail Benvenuta, Molly Stebbins, Anonymous2, Pam Douglas-Smith, Catherine Walker, Michael McKee, (Beau & Cecilia), Anonymous3, Mickey Willman, Claudia townsan, Trenatty Blackwell, Clara Frederickson, Steve Frederickson, Premdaya, Sofia Christine, Betty Kibble, (Rich & Geralynn) & Diane Diamond

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