I am a community supported musician - you guys help me every step of the way.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”

— Simon de Voil

8 ways you can help Simon

There are many ways you can support me, some of which don't involve money.  Here are just a few:

  1. Monthly subscribe to my Patreon page. This income helps me carve out time to write new music.  
  2. Buy my music.
  3. Recommend my music to your friends.
  4. Invite me to play at your church.
  5. Hire me to play music for funerals, wedding ceremonies (please no wedding reception requests!) etc.
  6. Host a house concert for me.
  7. Check out my youtube channel and share videos with your friends.
  8. Port Townsend and Seattle people - please follow me on facebook and spread the word about my gigs & events. 

Would you like to hear my songs without religious language?

I record my songs with very deliberate use of language because they are my own authentic prayers but that doesn't mean that my use of language is right and that yours is wrong ... far from it. I totally understand why some people don't like the words Lord or God and my local patrons will have noticed me singing substitute words like Love and 'Source of life' depending on where I am.  Language is not remotely big enough when it comes to describing the great mystery - besides, even I myself use different words when singing to the sunset and there's nobody listening with physical ears other my dog Freyja. Just as I cherish being interfaith, I also love using different words for the sacred because they all feel different (just like different chords all have a different feel).

I'm planning on re-recording Be StillDeep Peace and a few other songs but this time without religious language; every extra recoding is hundreds of dollars. I'd love it if someone who would appreciate these songs would step forward as a sponsor. This way I could pay for other musicians and get the songs mixed and mastered to sound as professional as the originals recordings. Please contact me if you are interesting in financially backing this ($250 to $500 would really help out here). Even if you don't have the money thanks for reading this post and showing an interest.

Musical ventures that are in the works that will need song sponsors!

Over the last 2 years I've been slowly gathering together a selection of songs that are poems & psalms.  About half of these songs are not written by me but  are songs I have adopted or adapted. Gaining permission to use these songs will be a diplomatic and expensive project just in itself!   I very much look forward to compiling them into a collection of music to pray with.  If you are interested in helping this project with either financial backing or copyright diplomacy please let me know!


songs that are likely to be on the next album are

  • Canticle (already recorded because it was patronized by Abbey of the Arts)
  • The horse and Saint Columba (already recorded because it was patronized by Abbey of the Arts)
  • Beloved Brigid
  • Wild geese
  • Archangel blessing
  • Some of the psalms - not yet sure which ones.
  • Ave Maria
  • The deer's cry

Soon I will start recording and that process informs me of what is calling to be included and what doesn't fit.  So the above list will change and be added to once the process is underway.