Sermon for transgender day of remembrance 

Recorded as part of Suquamish UCC worship on Nov 22nd 2020.  My friend Eve Palay joins me for the tail of the this recording.

Image = Pride Mary by Søren Mason Temple

Earth Day Sermon 

Sermon from Unity of Port Townsend Worship 19th April 2020.

Nature is our being, it's not a place we go to -the Earth is not separate from you.

image 'Hohheart' by Darren Guyaz

Good Friday 2020 - Grief & Remembrance Service 

In the Christian tradition, we honor and remember the death of Jesus at 3 pm on the Friday before Easter. For me, it's a time to honor the healing and transformative aspects of death, and remember that death is a…

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Mediation: We are living Earth 

This short meditation was recorded on Saint Brigid's day in 2020.

The Amazing woodcut image is by artist  Tadeusza Kowalskiego called the "Creation of Adam".

Sermon for Lent (our brilliance & brokenness) 

Forget chocolate - Lent is about standing closer to God 

Lent is a time of deep reflection and self-examination that asks us to grow in honesty and humility—but the traditional theme of repentance is only half the story.  Lent…

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