This is the resource page connected to Simon's online musical ministry

This service is here to offer a low income & alternative to my main subscription service Patreon (if you haven't seen my Patreon page please check

This site is also here for people for whom Patreon is not a good fit - for example, you might be someone who never pays for anything online with a debit card (like my Mum and Dad!)  If that's you email me via the contact page because very soon this page will be password protect and you won't be able to get in without the password. 

This subscription page is updated every week or so.  Please email if you'd like me to notify you when new stuff is uploaded.


Uploaded 7th September 2019

Uploaded 30th August 2019

Peace Pilgrim once said: “Only as we become more peaceful people will we be able to live in a more peaceful world.”

Uploaded 29th August 2019