I'm a Scottish sacred musician, interspiritual minister and singer songwriter now living in rural Vermont.  These songs & reflections are my soul's way of making sense of the beauty, vulnerability and endless richness of this human life. It's a gift and a pleasure to share them with you. 


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The Wisdom of St Francis online retreat

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)


Join Simon de Voil and David Wallace for this 4 part deep dive into the spiritual richness of the Franciscan tradition. We'll use conversation, reflection, and song to explore the wisdom of Francis and Clare of Assisi, with focus on the meaning and relevance of their teachings in our own lives.

Cost: $75 (with additional pay it forward and low income options).

Tickets & Information https://simondevoil.com/francis2024

Preaching for Barre Congregational Church

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

Barre Congregational Church, 35 Church Stree, Barre

Please note I am not the musician at this service.

Title: Are we all healers?

There's no getting away from stories of Jesus healing people. Wine and fishes is impressive if you’re there (and hungry), but many of the miracles Jesus worked were individual acts of physical healing. And as Jesus reminded his followers, everything he did, we also can do (John 14:12).

In much of North American Christianity today, the focus on healing ministry has shifted to social justice and the work to heal the ills of society. But living saints and holy people all over the world do continue to offer individual healing. Is this something we all have the capacity to share, for ourselves and for each other?

Online and in person https://barrecongregational.org ZOOM meeting ID is 865 5966 3321 and the Passcode is 05641.

All events are Eastern Time (USA) unless otherwise specified