Simon your voice is so scratchy but when I listen to it, it soothes me. Will you sing for me so that I can fall asleep?"”

— Eve, age 9

Soul songs crafted with love, prayer and careful intention. 

I believe that music is not just a form of art and self-expression – it's a vital force that has a real effect on the world.
There is something that drives and pushes me to share my music and reach others. I love it when an audience listens, drinking in the meaning and connecting with me as the singer. 

If I'd thought about it I would not have chosen to be a performer, but back in the days when it was painfully difficult it never occurred to me not to do it.
I started gigging in 1999 with Michelle le Masurier in our Glasgow based band 'Icarus'. Michelle is a fantastic friend, great harmonist (which I'm not) and she has a beautiful beautiful voice. Sharing music with Michelle was a real gift, especially for my growth as a performer - I wasn't anywhere near the point of learning the art of gigging and I probably wouldn't have made it past those first few bumbling attempts. Sadly, just as we were beginning to do well, she landed a dream job and moved to London. We recorded two CDs together and musically it was a very happy time. 

Another major event in my growth as a musician was my gender transition. I began taking testosterone in 2002; shortly after, my voice broke and I couldn't sing for 3 years. This is a story in itself, but lucky for me I don't have to tell it all here because my friend made a great documentary about it, the award winning film Funny Kinda Guy

In my songwriting I craft the songs with care, because they continue to shape me. 
Why isn't Simon de Voil on Guitar hero? ”

— Ben, age 10

MUSICIAN: Bio/Press release

Simon de Voil has been performing since 1999, he has since released four solo albums: Sacred Earth (2008), The Boat Builder (2010),  Heart Medicine (2011) and Trust (2017.)

In recent years Simon has toured internationally and gained a reputation as a talented singer-songwriter and storyteller; he pairs thoughtful and inspiring lyrics with cracking good tunes, compelling piano melodies, and a rich, tender vocal style.   His music explores themes of the inner landscape of the soul, the enchantment of the natural world and a personal journey to follow an unexpected calling.

Simon's musical work includes playing for rites of passage, healing, worship services, and community-building events; lately some of his favorite gigs have been played at youth centres, sickbeds, industrial workshops, homeless drop-in centers and ancient chapels.  

His unusual life and music are the focus of the award-winning documentary film ‘Funny Kinda Guy.’  You can find out more about Simon and hear his music at

MINISTER: Bio/Press release

Simon de Voil is an interfaith/interspiritual minister, sacred musician, youth worker and wooden boat builder. In all these vocations, he uses music and carpentry as a means to help individuals and groups connect sacred presence with everyday life.

As an independent ordained minister, Simon leads worship, preaches, facilitates workshops, crafts personalized rituals, and performs weddings, baptisms, funerals and other rites of passage for all people.

A dynamic and talented preacher, public speaker, and musical performer, Simon has shared his unique combination of creative worship, sacred music, and storytelling with universities, community groups, and spiritual gatherings across the US, Australia, and Scotland. His unusual life and music are the focus of the award-winning documentary film ‘Funny Kinda Guy.’

You can find out more about Simon and hear his music at

Photo by James Island 2019

Photo by James Island 2019

internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter
interSpiritual minister
public speaker 
community boat builder
subject of the award-winning documentary Funny Kinda Guy