I'm a Scottish sacred musician, interspiritual minister and singer songwriter now living in rural Vermont.  These songs & reflections are my soul's way of making sense of the beauty, vulnerability and endless richness of this human life. It's a gift and a pleasure to share them with you. 

The new album

Canticle of Creation

Simon de Voil

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These songs were, for the most part, recorded during the covid-19 pandemic. They have been my way of centering, a compass as I walk through this time of fear, uncertainty, and vast social injustice. Beneath the visions of the Celtic saints, the songs are composed of prayers and stories that captured places where I felt intimacy and healing pour out from land and people around me, where I found myself astonished by unexpected resilience. It gives me great joy to be able to share them with you.

Thank you to guest musicians:
Mia Kelley: (Beloved Brìghde, Ave Maria, Canticle of Creation, I Am).
Alexa Sunshine Rose (vocals on Magnificat & Diane's Song) and Aimée Ringle (additional guitar on Magnificat)

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    Beloved Brìghde

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    The Horse and Saint Columba

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    Saint Gobnait

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    I Am 3:28
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    I Am

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'Fun-raiser' concert for Unity of PT

Unity Church, 3918 San Juan Ave, Port Townsend, WA

All are welcome to join this intimate online concert. Covid is making life very hard for small churches so I'm excited to offer this fun-raiser where all the proceeds will go to support the wellbeing of Unity church in Port Townsend (the very first church I served)

5pm Pacific (8pm E.T). Simon's patrons and members of the public are welcome to join this jovial and friendly zoom event. There are not tickets but once you are there we will post a donation link and even if you don't have any money you are most welcome to come .... after all it's a fun as well as fundraiser.

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88628413809?pwd=NVRtUVFuWXlpWjI2Z3I2ejA4QUhZQT09 Meeting ID: 886 2841 3809 Passcode: 021236

Leading worship for Suquamish UCC on zoom

Suquamish United Church of Christ, 18732 Division Ave NE, Suquamish

I'm delighted to be joining Suquamish UCC church as their temporary bridge pastor. This virtual gathering happens on zoom; all are most welcome. 10am Pacific time zone every Sunday until they get a permanent pastor. Details can be found here https://suquamishucc.org Join on zoom = https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8711889085 Watch on FB = https://www.facebook.com/suquamishucc

Topic: The Peace that Passes All Understanding

The more our society "advances", the more potential we seem to have for destruction. Climate catastrophe looms, nuclear warheads proliferate—and the Christian tradition says the answer, somehow, is a baby born to a teenage girl two thousand years ago. How could the birth of one baby bring peace to a world that has never known peace, justice in a world so full of injustice? Are we lying to ourselves, or does Advent really have something to teach us about sowing peace in our troubled world?

We will be having communion, so please have wine and bread (or their equivalents) with you if you join us.