I'm a Scottish singer-songwriter and sacred musician, now living on the West coast of America.  These songs are my soul's way of making sense of the beauty, vulnerability and endless richness of this human life. It's a gift and a pleasure to share them with you. 

A morning Celtic retreat

 —  —

Chetzemoka Park, Jackson Street, Port Townsend

I've been asked by St Paul's church to facilitate an outdoor morning retreat drawing on my experience of Celtic Christianity.

FOLLOWING IN ST COLUMBA'S FOOTSTEPS: For St Columba, God was wildly, powerfully alive, and imminently present in even the tiniest details of life - and nowhere more so than in the natural world. In this outdoor retreat, we will follow in Columba's footsteps as we walk with gentleness, witness, sing, and learn to read from and pray with God's teachings in the big book of creation.

LOGISTICAL info: Meet at the entrance to Chetzemoka Park at 9 am.  Bring a warm jacket, a beverage, and your own chair, if desired. Refreshments will be provided.   Register by calling the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church office at 360.385.0770 before Wednesday, September 19.   Suggested donation for the retreat is $10.00 and will be collected at the retreat.

Harvest Moon Concert

 —  —

The Rosewind Commonhouse, Haines St. at Umatilla Ave., Port Townsend

Alexa Sunshine Rose & Simon de Voil I offer a 'Harvest Moon Concert'

A night of song, ritual & story, honoring the time of harvest, the moon & the changing seasons within and around us.

With guest storyteller Aimee Ringle.

$10-$20 sliding scale donation, no-one turned away. Please note this is a fragrance free venue.

Spiritual exploration for 20- to 40-somethings

Bear Root Apothecary, 1002 Lawrence Street, Port Townsend

I’m offering this spiritual discussion and exploration space for people who are interested in the sacred, but don’t relate to traditional religion. This group will create a supportive space where individuals can come together to share insights, gain some learning to support the heart knowledge they already hold, and try out new spiritual practices, like Sufi breath work, shamanic theta prayer, and monastic meditations.

Why the age restriction? Each month I lead many different types of services. Most of these are well attended by P.T.’s thriving 50-and-older folks, but don't reach younger people, who may not share the same sacred language, and often don’t feel comfortable in a “churchy” setting. This group is specifically geared to center around the lifestyle, language, and spiritual needs of 20- to 40-somethings.

Cost is $10 per person