Simon's a priest for people who don't have priests.”

— Jim in Australia

Easter Sunrise 2019

I am an ordained interspiritual minister as well as a sacred musician. My training was aimed for working outside of organized religion – but churches often ask me to preach and lead music, and I love this work too. 

The reason I trained as a minister was to offer chaplaincy (particularly around hospice and healing) and rites of passage work. My clients tend to be people with an inter-spiritual outlook in the Christian tradition or people who  are spiritual but not religious.  I enjoy working with whoever knocks on my door. 

Many of us are seeking spiritual companionship and soul care, for a wide variety of reasons. I frequently work with adults (mostly women) in the second stage of life who are longing for deeper spiritual practices. I also work with all sorts of people to craft individual ceremonies, including marriage and commitment ceremony, funerals and green burial, land blessings, and rites of passage for the queer and transgender community.

Simon's freelance ministry/chaplaincy includes:

  • Spiritual counselling & mentorship - Caroline Myss describes this work as "Spiritual Direction is the art of assisting a person in articulating a truth that is already bubbling up within them, longing to be realized. The spirit within you always moves you toward reconciliation, healing, wisdom, courage, and love."  Please note that my practice is full and I am currently not taking new clients.
  • Rites of passage - weddings, death rites etc.
  • Ceremony & rituals -  divorce rituals, miscarriage burials, gender/name change, house blessings & the life transitions.
  • Sacred musician - solo cantor invoking the sacred during ritual, 1-2-1 music for healing, song leader for chanting and congregational singing.
  • Preacher & creative worship leader.
  • Retreat & workshop facilitation.

My fee is sliding scale $100 to $150 an hour - I also sometimes offer a lower harship fee for people with limited financial means as well as to all black, indigenous, and other people of color, in recognition of systemic social and economic inequity. Please contact me for more information.

Why work with me?

"Simon’s gentle support and guidance has enabled me to explore my spiritual path with curiosity and joy. He has been the perfect companion on my continuing journey, helping me to open my heart and mind as I learn to accept the mystery and let go of the need for answers."

"I met with Simon only once — which might not sound like a resounding endorsement, but in fact it is. He suggested a walk in the woods as so we shared stories, discussed issues, and stood in awe of the beautiful trees. I soon realized this wasn’t “therapy,” it was flow, wisdom, and guidance. A few weeks later, I followed up to say that the relationship I was struggling with had (rather suddenly) transformed. I have never had that happen before and was — and still am — profoundly grateful."

Winter Solstice